🏠 Want Rufus to install your new roof?
roofing, through brilliant robotics.
Better roofing, through brilliant robotics.
Meet Rufus, the Auto Roof Robot
  1. 1
    Rufus uses anchors to securely attach to the roof.
    They’re easily installed after underlayment and ice and water shield are in place.
  2. 2
    Rufus gets on and off the roof with your ladder lift.
    Rufus uses cables attached to the anchors to move safely around the plane.
  3. 3
    Rufus knows where to nail shingles and when to ask for more.
    Rufus captures images of your new roof and saves them for later.
By the numbers

72% of Roofing Contractors will struggle to recruit and retain roofing crews this year.


U.S. consumers and businesses spend $80B on new and replacement roofs each year.


Roofing is the third most dangerous job in the United States according to OSHA.

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